Focus On... January 2022

Hoof problems are still one of the leading reasons as to why cows are involuntarily culled. And as always, digital dermatitis, foot rot, sole ulcers and limax (interdigital hyperplasia) are huge challenges that dairy farmers must deal with. However, in comparison to most other fitness traits, there is relatively good progress to be made through breeding. We have found 4 sires for you that not only offer high overall breeding values, but also reach top values for hoof health.

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Sweden Sires Focus on Semex RBB CRV VH Fertility Hoof health + UDDER +PRODUCTION VikingGenetics STEPHAN SCHNEIDER Bender Ricecrest Southwind Amy below average frame size ideal teat placement easy calvings A2A2 casein profile A perfect choice for commercial dairy farmers CLAYNOOK ZOLTON Morningview Yoder Zeplin straight legs transmits average frame fitness traits dairy strength DELTA XANDER Extremely high fat and protein percentages great udders for robots good rump slope Delta Beatbox Xanne Zandenburg Snowman Camilla VH SAADE Peter Smeenge high production positive components average frame flawless fitness health profiles feet and legs BB A2A2