September 2023


NoBull Sires: Offering Credible Bulls from Time-Tested Genetics

The idea of NoBull Sires started four years ago. Tired of not being able to find sires from the time-tested dams they wanted, Ben Masemore, Ethan Wentworth and Rusty Herr...

April 2023

Sires Report

Focus on... April 2023

While simultaneous improvement for production and fertility has been difficult to come by over the last decades, breeding has made the antagonism between these two traits a thing of the...

January 2022

Sires Report

Focus On... January 2022

Hoof problems are still one of the leading reasons as to why cows are involuntarily culled. And as always, digital dermatitis, foot rot, sole ulcers and limax (interdigital hyperplasia) are...