April 2024

Sires Report

Focus on... April 2024

Sires with high conformation figures have always been fashionable. And that is still the case. However, more and more often, a restriction is being applied; many dairy farmers do not...

April 2024


A half century of genetics and innovation The success story of Semex

Since its founding in May, 1974, Semex has made a remarkable trip through the world of cattle breeding. What began quite humbly developed into a success story that now spans...

Jersey International

Herd reports

Vestermarken: High Performance Herd from the North of Denmark

The Jørgensen family’s Vestermarken Jersey herd from North Jutland has been among the countries leading production herds for some years. A major focus is to produce top quality forages so...

April 2024

Cow Families

Cow Country I - April 2024

With 959 gPLI, Ballycairn Peace 6568 Sherese is far and away the nr.1 of all tested female Holsteins in the United Kingdom. The five-month-old DG Peace (<Captain) daughter traces via...

April 2024

Herd reports

Stanton Farms: ‘We Want to Offer Genetic Solutions to our Customers.’

It is less than three years ago (HI 8/2021) that we provided extensive coverage of the unprecedented breeding achievements of Stanton Farms in the Canadian Ilderton. Or actually we should...

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