December 2021


Lakeside UPS Red Range: Most Influential Bull Dam World-wide Wins 15th Red Impact Title!

In HI’s July issue, she was described as one of the world’s most influential bull dams. Lakeside UPS Red Range, the dam of sixteen young AI sons, including the Canadian...

December 2021

Sires report

Luster-P - The best and most reliable polled sire in the world

Admittedly, to choose a headline that so clearly defines the category of the sire featured is a bold move. But for Luster, the current Nr.1 for daughter-proven polled sires in...

December 2021

Cow Families

Focus on their Background: Italy’s Champions, Two Special Breeding Stories

In early November, in the northern Italian city of Montichiari, Italy’s National Holstein Show took place. All results are included at the bottom of this page. Remarkable are the stories...

November 2021

Herd reports

LLG Iden: Germany’s Nr.1 Farm for Cows with 100,000 kg

The LLG Iden dairy herd in the eastern German state of Sachsen-Anhalt has 400 head, and is known for its high longevity. More than 150 Iden cows have now surpassed...

December 2021


Beef-on-Dairy Programs: Intermizoo & KI Samen

The surge in use of beef bulls on lower genetic merit dairy cows continues to grow, and part of the evolution in this market is the use of male sexed...

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