April 2024

Sires Report

Focus on... April 2024

Sires with high conformation figures have always been fashionable. And that is still the case. However, more and more often, a restriction is being applied; many dairy farmers do not...

April 2024


Heat Stress: Recognizing Potential and Planning Ahead Before the Heat Comes!

For several decades global warming has been a topic of discussion and analysis. In this process, the overwhelming conclusion is that in many parts of the world, the climate will...

April 2024

Herd reports

Fankhauser: “Powerful Monia Ensured Family that Continually Provides Outstanding Cows”

‘Til we meet again in the Fankhauser herd!’ That is what we wrote in HI 07/2022, when a photo of the splendid black & white Redstream daughter Olivia-RC was published....

Jersey International

Cow Families

Cow Country II - April 2024

JMM Memoire was the winner at this year‘s Swiss Jersey Night, at which a total of 84 animals were presented. The third-parity Memoire is a Fizz daughter belonging to Damien...

April 2024

Herd reports

Stanton Farms: ‘We Want to Offer Genetic Solutions to our Customers.’

It is less than three years ago (HI 8/2021) that we provided extensive coverage of the unprecedented breeding achievements of Stanton Farms in the Canadian Ilderton. Or actually we should...

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