September 2022


Focus on - September 2022

Have you tried before to find a top bull that breeds for above average teat length, corrects close teat placement and delivers acceptable milking ability at the same time? If...

April 2022


Focus On - April 2022

Careers never follow the same path, and this is also true of top sires. Their influence on the population is often not only dependant on their genetic level, but also...

March 2022


Unique HI Overview: These are the 92 Most Sold Holstein Sires at AI Companies Worldwide

Who were the most sold Holstein sires in 2021? The answer follows here, in a unique overview with 92 bestsellers from 38 breeding organizations in thirteen different countries. As well...

February 2022


Intriguing Sires DP - February 2022

Muri Planet Popsy, as the highest indexing European Holstein cow, enjoyed lots of attention and thus received many breeding opportunities. From out of her shadow, her sister Pepsy is now...

February 2022


Focus on... February 2022

There is a certain tradition by which we present a selection of outstanding red-carrier sires in our “Focus On” column between the respective evaluation periods. These are sires that not...

January 2022


BullTalk - January 2022

‘During the past few years I have witnessed the Holstein breed becoming whiter. It is increasingly difficult to find a good bull that is 75% or more black. I manage...

January 2022


Focus On... January 2022

Hoof problems are still one of the leading reasons as to why cows are involuntarily culled. And as always, digital dermatitis, foot rot, sole ulcers and limax (interdigital hyperplasia) are...

December 2021

Cow Families

Cow Country II - December 2021

Solomon sired the Reserve Champion at the World Dairy Expo this year, the 4-year-old Oakfield Footloose, a rising superstar of the show world. Another Solomon daughter in the news is...

December 2020


Unique HI Overview: Here are the Bestselling Holstein Sires at AI Companies World-wide

Who were the most sold Holstein bulls during the past six months? HI posed this question to breeding companies world-wide. The answers resulted in the unique accompanying overview: 77 bestsellers...

November 2020


Focuss on... November 2020

High components, great conformation and good fitness traits have been the trademarks for the offspring of Wilder Hira VG-85 for years and allow them to deliver top results in several...

October 2020


Bull Talk - October 2020

With 3842 PFT (based on 212 milking daughters) he holds a strong 2nd position on Italy’s ranking of progeny proven sires. However, despite that high total index, All.Nure Rally scores...

June 2020


Intriguing Sires - June 2020

It really makes no difference if we present the Millington son Totem on US or Canadian basis. The debut for the allrounder, most of whose 136 daughters are found in...