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July 2023

Sires Report

Foucs on... July 2023

Dans le monde entier, le nombre de vaches traites par des moyens robotisés augmente. Que cela modifie ce que l’on demande aux vaches est une conséquence logique, dans laquelle principalement...

June 2023

Sires Report

Focus on... Juni 2023

Traditionally, we present interesting red factor sires in this column two months after a breeding evaluation period. In this issue we look at RC bulls that offer a second genetic...

May 2023

Sires Report

Focus on... May 2023

Good conformation has been and remains important criteria for dairy farmers when selecting certain bulls for matings with their cows. And good conformation does not mean that other economically relevant...

April 2023

Sires Report

Focus on... April 2023

While simultaneous improvement for production and fertility has been difficult to come by over the last decades, breeding has made the antagonism between these two traits a thing of the...

March 2023

Sires Report

Focus on... March 2023

Red sires are continuing to build an impressive segment of international Holstein breeding and for that to remain, breeding programs around the world are continually working to develop new generations...

February 2023

Sires Report

Focus on... February 2023

There is a certain tradition whereby we bring attention to outstanding RC sires that are among the best available internationally in this segment in the February issue of HI, two...

December 2022

Sires Report

Focus On... - December 2022

In the past, high milk sires always had the best chances to achieve high overall breeding values. However, the introduction of many further traits has given even average production sires...

November 2022

Sires Report

Focus on... - November 2022

While the genomic top-lists almost everywhere in the world are increasingly populated with high polled sires, high daughter-proven polled bulls continue to be a rare commodity. This is particularly true...

October 2022

Sires Report

Focus on... - October 2022

Actually, the title of this article isn’t quite appropriate, as the four bulls that we present here are not really just simple alternatives from the ever-growing offering of homozygous polled...

September 2022

Sires Report

Focus on - September 2022

Have you tried before to find a top bull that breeds for above average teat length, corrects close teat placement and delivers acceptable milking ability at the same time? If...

August 2022

Sires Report

Focus on - August 2022

In the past edition of HI we gave you an update about the global conformation elite. Outstanding conformation sires are not to be found only in the black and white...

July 2022

Sires Report

Focus on... July 2022

It is primarily small AI studs that carve out their place in the international market by going after a particular breeding profile with their own philosophies. And naturally, their sire...

December 2023


Choose your Red Holstein World Champion 2023

No, not on a poster this time… but, the number of candidates has increased! For the selection of the Red Holstein World Champion 2023, no less than eighteen beautiful candidates...