Focus on

September 2021


Focus on... September 2021

In this edition of HI we have nine pages on which we present the most important news from the various segments of daughter proven and genomic sires as well as...

August 2021


Focus on - August 2021

Coming with the interesting sire stack Discjockey-Applicable-Mascalese is the double headlining sire Sabbiona Inseme Tantum, who occupies the Nr.1 udder position in both Italy (4.68 ICM) and Switzerland (151 MS)....

Juli 2021


Focus on - July 2021

With Halo-PP, the Nr.5 (2691 gTPI) on the US homozygous polled list, Select Sires not only has one of the highest PP sires in their lineup, but also one of...

May 2021


Focus On... May 2021

As is tradition, in the May issue of HI the new April breeding values are the center of attention. In our analyses you find the global elite of the highest...

April 2021


Focus On - Fitness specialists

One can argue about many things: Is conformation important for sire selection? Is a deep pedigree important? If a sire should be polled or a red carrier? Is a specific...

March 2021


Focus on... March 2021

There are many traits that international Holstein breeding is working to develop at the moment. However, none of them have generated attention in the same way that feed efficiency has....

February 2021


Focus on... Top Red Conformation

An enormous frame, deep and open ribs, impressive milk type, outstanding udder and strikingly correct feet & legs are the eye-catching traits with which the ST sire Doral-Red is finding...

December 2020


Focus on... December 2020

It is not always the breeding values that explain the popularity of certain sires. There are more characteristics that are important to dairy farmers when selecting bulls, like cow families,...

November 2020


Focuss on... November 2020

High components, great conformation and good fitness traits have been the trademarks for the offspring of Wilder Hira VG-85 for years and allow them to deliver top results in several...

November 2020


Focus-On Extra: Teat Length. Which Top Bulls Transmit Longer Teats?

‘Teats must definitely not become any shorter!’ We are hearing this statement more and more frequently – and world-wide. Especially now that the number of farms with milking robots is...

September 2020


Focus On... September 2020

When it comes to the development of the breed, Holstein bulls that are carriers of the red factor have time and time again had their hands on the wheel. And...

August 2020


Focus on... August 2020

Teat placement, teat length, udder form, udder health, milkability, character, movement – there are man traits that determine whether a sire is suited for automated milking systems. Indeed, many countries...