January 2022

Sires report

Focus On... January 2022

Hoof problems are still one of the leading reasons as to why cows are involuntarily culled. And as always, digital dermatitis, foot rot, sole ulcers and limax (interdigital hyperplasia) are...

August 2021


Fertility: Significant Support Available for Indispensable Link

The cow should have been pregnant already, but is still not showing any heat signs. Other cows have already been bred five times, but still show up again every 3,...

March 2020


Fertility: How is it Evaluated in Different Countries?

Throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s, the global popularity of the Holstein cow continued to climb in line with her improved performance. Heavy selection emphasis on production resulted in impressive...

November 2018


Bull Fertility - Much Consulted Trait in Sire Selection

Timely pregnancy of heifers and cows is critical to the economics of dairy farms. That is the reason why during the past number of years, fertility has received increased attention...

March 2017


Given its Low Heritability, is Breeding for Fertility Worth It?

Can fertility be improved through breeding? Or is it simply down to management? Here we investigate the impact you can make by selecting for fertility.