Holstein International

Holstein International is an international breeding magazine that publishes wide-ranging, unbiased content that enables you to improve your knowledge and the quality of your work within the Holstein industry. The magazine focuses on the latest news, developments and trends in breeding technology. Articles in Holstein International include in-depth reviews of the leading sires from around the world, the most current cow families, relevant management topics and features on the events and people that have shaped the Holstein breed. In addition, every month Holstein International takes their readers on a journey to numerous intriguing herds all over the world. In each edition, at least three breeders open their doors to you to share their vision and provide insights on how they run their business. Ultimately, in Holstein International you can enjoy thought provoking and informative articles that add pleasure and value to your daily work.

Holstein International is published monthly, twelve times a year, and is available in 5 languages in more than sixty countries worldwide. This means you can read the entire magazine in the language of your own preference: English, Dutch, French, German or Italian.

Language: English, Dutch, French, German & Italian
Times per year: 12x
Availability: Print & digital
Countries: 60+ countries worldwide
Readership: Over 40,000 people enjoy Holstein International

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