February 2020

Kingsway: Prominent in Breeding and Merchandizing Elite Show-Caliber Holsteins

Over the past 10-15 years the Canadian herd Kingsway Farms has progressively risen to prominence in the area of breeding, developing and selling top quality show animals. Iconic show cow families such as Allie and Jasmine are constantly being challenged by new emerging bloodlines that the McMillan’s are regularly adding to their herd.

Switzerland’s Largest Milk Producer: ‘Our philosophy is that the nicest cow also reaches the highest production.’

With 300 milking cows (which does not include the 50 dry cows) the Menoud Red herd is the largest source of milk in Switzerland. They are not only extremely productive, but also display attractive type. For that reason, year-around, there is a lively marketing of milking cows. Both red and black & white. Add to that a high number of show successes, and you realize: we have arrived at a special farm. Welcome to Le Pré-Monsieur 2 in Môtiers.

Emerald: Breeding Pleasure and Profitability with non-Irish Holsteins

Cows that produce 700 kg fat+protein per lactation, classify excellent at a mature age, and complete a minimum of five lactations. And preferably furnished with pedigrees that are very marketable. The Neville family has its breeding goal clearly in view. On their farm Emerald Holsteins in southwestern Ireland, examples are plentiful.

Johnson’s Rolling Acres: Education and Transparency as a Priority

In the barns of the Johnson family in Minnesota, a lot of high quality milk is produced. Nice results that are certainly being seen as a team performance, and which are freely shared with others. The family farm of Johnson’s Rolling Acres regularly opens its doors to the broader public. Splendid PR for the industry.

Berico: The Bull with a Unique aAa code

615: That is the aAa code of the Italian bull Berico. As such, he was already very popular as a young sire, and today with hundreds of milking daughters, his index is stronger than ever. HI visited breeder Faccin and spoke with the staff of owner Intermizoo.

French Record Bull Now Progeny Proven

In April 2016, Louxor blew away the entire French DNA competition and debuted at a record high 237 gISU, no less than 24 points above the nr.2. Last December, the Iznogoud son set another fabulous record. Based on 70 daughters, he reached 210 ISU, and with a 22-point lead, is the absolute progeny proven nr.1 of France.

Monarch : A Convincing All-Purpose Weapon on the German Throne

It was a noteworthy debut given by Germany’s new daughter-proven Nr.1, the Mardi Gras son Monarch, in the December evaluations. It was particularly noteworthy because the offspring from the Laurie Sheik family, already strong for production, delivered such a thorough profile on the basis of his first 88 milking daughters that he could establish himself as a noteworthy alternative in semen tanks both domestically and internationally. He is an excellent allrounder who brings high production, top udders and finally some more width and strength to the population.

Intriguing Sires - February 2020

AltaMarlon has a very balanced, no-holes proof that has steadily climbed and now lands him at Nr.1 LPI bull in Canada. ‘He sires consistently good type, highlighted by beautiful udders,’ explains Mike Menendez from Alta. ‘His dam, A-L-H Moviemax, had one of the snuggest and most shapely mammary systems of all time, and the next two dams also scored...

Focus on... Old Packaging, Modern Product

An Estonian proverb says, “If your spirit is wise, age does not judge.” Of course, this expression does necessarily apply to breeding. Nonetheless there is an entire collection of bulls from around the world that deliver top results and are much beloved despite having an older sire stack and sometimes even an old age themselves. Here are four inter...

BullTalk - February 2020

An interesting list from Holstein USA: the sires with 97% or higher reliability. Notable: half of this ranking is bulls from Select Sires. Even more remarkable: 9 of the 10 (with the exception of Ponder) are alive and actively producing semen, most of them with a maximum collection schedule. That is no surprise, because ‘65% of our total semen sale...

Celebrated Sire with Five Talented Sons in a Brotherly Row

Super sires: A phenomenon that we come across in Holstein breeding from time to time, among the very big names. These Holstein sires are so unique and superior in terms of their transmitting ability that the sons have great difficulty surpassing their sire. They already have the best possible dams. We have such families behind Elevation, O-Man and...

Intriguing Sires - February 2020

For the second release in a row, Freemax is in second place in Germany with 164 gRZG. Employees at owner RBB are thrilled with their index topper. Torsten Dalle, sire analyst for RBB, shares that Freemax has been received enthusiastically. ‘In our own breeding region, fresh Freemax semen is being offered. Semen that is very fertile. Of course, Free...

Intriguing Sires - February 2020

For international RH breeding there is no way around this sire. Hoogerhorst Rubels-Red is the rising star on the red and white scene and an absolute must-have for top breeders and commercial dairy farmers who don’t just want to breed at the top level but also are aiming for balance. In those countries where Rubels has an overall index value, he lan...

Cow Country - February 2020

‘She has made all my dreams come true!’ Thomas De Brabander speaks directly from the heart when he talks about Failue de L’Herbagere EX-90. De Brabander has owned the Savard daughter since 2014, together with Quentin Pierard and the Moureaux family (L’Herbagere). ‘Failue has won seven Grand Champion titles, including the Belgian national title in 2...

Cow Country - February 2020

After 45 years of breeding Holsteins, a lifelong goal was achieved for the Lang family of Springhill Farms as their homebred Springhill-OH Wind Jada EX-91 was named Grand Champion of the 2019 Mid-East Summer National & Ohio State Fair. The Langs have had Grand Champion in several other breeds (including Guernsey also in 2019), however in the 30+ ye...

Stormi Hazel: More Than a Third of Her Classified Daughters Score 94 or Higher!

The EX-96 Stormatic daughter Quality-Ridge Stormi Hazel was one of the big name stars on the North American show scene. However, even more impressive was her success rate as a brood cow. Now one of her daughters has claimed the All-National award in the 150,000lb class for 2019.

Whinchat Tippy: Generations of Long-Life, High-Scoring Cows

Within the UK Whinchat herd there are three dominant families – Savoire Fare, Farrah and the oldest of the three: Tippy. Despite starting with foundation cow Avondale Lance Tippy VG back in 1991, many of the family’s early females feature prominently in the pedigrees of numerous cows in the herd today. Why? Because they are such long-living cows!

Baviere: Super Brood Cow Behind an Exciting Branch of the Spottie Family in France

Sunnylodge Prelude Spottie was a first crop young-sire daughter of Ronnybrook Prelude that became the Canadian Cow of the Year 1998. Her son Sunnylodge Linjet was Premier Sire at the World Dairy Expo 2002. A couple of different family branches have been highly successful in Europe: Most recently in the form of a French branch headed by the Shottle daughter Baviere. Baviere’s descendants include the Nr.1 gISU bull in France, Goodlife, as well as the Nr.3, Oken.

Editoral - Techmix

“Fresh Cow YMCP® is a proven product of twenty plus years in my dairy practice. It is a convenient, well balanced, and ready to use adjunct therapy that I can easily modify for individual cows. I recommend YMCP as my first choice supplementary treatment for compromised or sick cows requiring a jump start post freshening to aid in hydration, macro m...

Trend or Purpose Driven? The Good Reasons for a Longer Calving Interval

HI traditionally keeps a close eye on breeding developments and reports on new trends which can be reasonably expected to make a positive contribution to the breed. A trend that we noticed last year is the decision to not breed a cow as quickly as possible after calving, but rather to purposely increase the calving interval. As of yet this trend cannot be seen in the international statistics. The continued breeding for better fertility means that the average calving interval in most countries continues to decrease. But the direction could soon be reversed, and for good reasons.

Blondin Sires: Bringing Reliable, Solid Genetics to the Genomic World

The success of the Ferme Blondin herd in Quebec, Canada is world-famous. Many great type and index cows have passed through its barn including Blondin Redman Seisme, RockyMountain Talent Licorice, Val-Bisson Shottle Imelda (Doorman’s dam) and Regancrest Celebrity. But now it has a new string to its bow – Blondin Sires – which will celebrate its 4th anniversary in June. Here we see how the company is progressing.

Genomics & Genetic Selection: Key Areas in Cattle Breeding, and Corn Breeding too!

We all know that cattle breeding and genetic selection can be complex, but have you ever considered the process outside the Holstein arena? Here we discuss the different breeds of corn (maize) available and factors to consider when selecting corn varieties.

Shocking Drop for DNA Bestseller Ranger: An Analysis

Notable. During the Dutch December release, Double W Ranger plummeted to 288 gNVI (-117). With 110,000 first inseminations during the past two years, he was the most used sire in the Netherlands and Flanders. The unprecedented drop of DNA bestseller Ranger is reason to inquire with Gerben de Jong, chair of the Dutch data centre AEU for an explanation. Central in De Jong’s reconstruction: the unnoticed impact of large numbers of DNA-tested females on the breeding value estimation of individual sires.