May 2021

Exceptional Type Level at Conant-Acres: 28% of the Current Milking Herd Scores EX-94

During the recent classification round at Conant-Acres in the American state of Maine, thirteen Holsteins classified EX-94. Yes, you read that correctly, 13x EX-94 on a single farm, on one day. And that within a herd that consists of 75 milking cows. The total number of EX cows at Conant-Acres is currently 60. Of them, 20 score EX-94 (and 1 EX-95), a portion of no less than 28%.

Koester Dairy in the US: World Class Production

K-Star is the prefix of one of the leading production herds of the US. Located at Dakota in northern Illinois, an hour south of Madison, it is owned by the Koester family who trade as Koester Dairy Inc. With a dazzling herd average of over 36,000lb/20,000kg, Koester Dairy has won the Holstein Association’s Herd of Excellence Award for the past 5 years, and the Progressive Genetics Award for the past 29 years.

Rinderzucht Augustin: Modern Dairy Farm Where Top Cows are not Bred until 200-250 Days in Milk

The average calving interval is between 430-440 days, and that turns out to be intentional. In the brand new free stall barn owned by Rinderzucht Augustin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, where there is a lot of emphasis on animal well-being, labour efficiency, and the environment, the time of breeding for high-producing cows is significantly postponed. This results in higher productions and lifetime productions. In short, breeding and management at an elite level on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

Dudoc in Canada: Prominent Name in Red-Holsteins and Polled Breeding

Initially it was bulls such as Dudoc Bacculum-Red and Dudoc Mr Burns-RC that brought the Dudoc name to the attention of breeders around the world, especially those with an interest in Red-Holsteins. More recently it has been Dudoc Stetson-P and Canada’s Nr.1 polled bull Dudoc Speedup-P that have put the focus on this intriguing herd from Quebec.

At Stäme Holsteins, the C Family is among the Big Favourites

At the beginning of this century, breeder Jan Bengtsson from the Swedish dairy farm Stäme Holsteins purchased embryos from the well-known Danish breeder Sören Ernst Madsen. The name of the foundation dam of the donor cows will be familiar to many: Tirsvad Luke Classic. Originating from Vir-Clar’s Classy family, which has been successful in many par...

Pine-Tree AltaOak: His Remarkable Foundation and His Intense Impact (3)

With part three, we conclude our trilogy about the remarkable outcross transmitter Pine-Tree AltaOak. In two earlier articles (March and April), we looked at remarkable sires on his maternal side: maternal grandsire Leif and his sire Lukas. Now we turn our attention to the paternal side of Oak’s pedigree, where we find sire Niagra, his sire Boliver, as well as maternal grandsire Jesther. Together they provide quite a bit of outcross blood, giving Oak sufficient pedigree strength in order to profile as an exceptional transmitter. Because with descendants like Burley, Gameday, Solution and especially Renegade, we are going to hear a lot about the Oak blood yet.

BullTalk - May 2021

DG Charley is certainly unique. Without a doubt, he can call himself the sire of likely the world’s most talked about bull right now: Hurtgenlea Charl, America’s brand new TPI leader. Via him, Charley can also call himself the grandsire of one of the very highest gTPI sires ever: Genosource Captain. And you know what: grandsire Charley is doing wel...

Intruiging Sires - May 2021

Marius is a Jedi son from a family line descending from Sully Shottle May, the mother of McCutchen. The Marius proof has climbed by over 100 points since last round as daughters have been added to his proof, and he now graduates at Nr.5 on the TPI proven-sire rankings with 128 milking daughters. Marius is a solid production bull with +1426lb. milk...

Focus On... May 2021

As is tradition, in the May issue of HI the new April breeding values are the center of attention. In our analyses you find the global elite of the highest genomic and daughter-proven sires, as well as the best red and polled bulls in the breed. Less emphasis is placed on the many interesting RC sires, though RC sires have a huge fanbase. Here are...

Cow Country - May 2021

‘Producing milk,’ responds Eric Elbers from CRV to the question about the most important qualities of Delta Thilda, the Amigo daughter who is being used extensively within CRV’s breeding program. ‘Thilda is able to easily produce lots of milk and we also see these qualities in her offspring. The first daughters that have come into production as wel...

L’Espoir Hagen Family: Attractive Holsteins throughout Japan

When looking for a prefix, Japanese breeder Nobuo Sato received inspiration while viewing a movie from a boat named “L’Espoir” (“Hope”). Without hope, his family would never ever have been successful in establishing a dairy farm on the wet, muck ground in the cold, north of Hokkaido. Fortunately, the Sato family has always persevered, and with L’Espoir Hagens has developed one of the most well-known Holstein families in Japan. Read all about this unique breeding line, which started at Crescentmead Farm in Wisconsin and which throughout Japan has provided several dozens of EX Holsteins….including the fantastic Durham daughter L’Espoir Reganstar Hagen EX-96.

Cow Country - May 2021

The purchase of North-Echo 2905 (Day-Planet-Form Bret) in 2013 did not initially provide Sheland Farms in New York (900 milking cows) with the desired result. ‘Unfortunately she did not flush well,’ comments Erik Shelmidine on behalf of the family farm, where 800 ET’s were performed in 2020 alone. Sheland Daffodil VG-86 (<Co-Op Mogul Lawman), 2905’...

Hardwood Bliss Family: 50 Years of Outstanding Performers

The Bliss family has supplied many of the highlights in Holstein breeding for Hardwood Holsteins in Wisconsin for almost 50 years. Milking members of the family currently in the Hardwood barn can be traced back through 14 generations to that original foundation cow.

Feed Efficiency – The most important project for Holstein breeding in the coming years

In April 2015, Australia was the first country in the world that published a breeding value for feed efficiency. The Netherlands followed in December 2020, and since April the USA and Canada also have a breeding value for the trait whose importance cannot be overestimated. In addition to the listed countries, all other leading Holstein nations are working on the development of breeding values for feed efficiency and are also partly publishing them. But as important as the trait is, the development of a breeding evaluation for it has been equally difficult. There is still a long way to achieving a perfect breeding evaluation. To understand this better, we need to take a closer look at the subject. Here is the update on the topic of feed efficiency for the year 2021.

Arcowin: Three Cooperatives Navigate Towards Becoming a Breeding Giant

Earlier already, we reported about Arcowin, the cooperative agreement between three large European AI cooperatives: Evolution (France), Masterrind (Germany) and VikingGenetics (Scandinavia). Initially, it involved working together for breeding purposes, but in the meantime, the trio has decided to pursue much broader cooperation. With the ambitious goal of creating Europe’s largest breeding organization. In which offering optimal service and high quality products to numerous members – jointly they represent 53,000 member dairy farmers – as well as numerous customers world-wide will be central. HI reports about the brand new organization Arcowin, which will officially begin on January 1, 2022.

Bullseye-Genetics: A new Holstein-breeding program with lots of expertise

In an era where mergers and cooperatives generate headlines within the breeding industry, the founding of new breeding companies is a rarity. Despite this, the industry has recently seen the establishment of several private and surprisingly successful breeding programs in North America. Now Europe also as a newcomer to the international breeding business. With Bullseye-Genetics, a new venture is hitting the road, and not without the appropriate expertise. Quite the opposite in fact. The German company has the potential to quickly become a respectable service provider for the development of valuable genetics. And not only with Holsteins, but with a full lineup for Fleckvieh and beef breeds.

Beef-on-Dairy Programs at: Semex & Superblu

The surge in use of beef bulls on lower genetic merit dairy cows continues to grow, and part of the evolution in this market is the use of male sexed beef semen. This month we introduce Semex from Canada and Superblu from Italy.

Get Acquainted with Herdbooks Worldwide: South Africa Holstein

South Africa has among the largest average herd size of any country worldwide. Of all animals registered by South Africa Holstein, 97% are the result of imported semen, producing a very open genetic pool including the best genes from around the globe.