October 2020

April-Day: producing and propelling leading-edge Red-Holstein genetics

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, once said, “the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” The dairy industry is filled with people who passionately love what they do, whether they were born into it or not. It’s what makes this business great! While he may not be farming fulltime in the traditional sense, Edward Peck has managed to turn his passion for agriculture and specifically the love of the Red-Holstein cow, into a business that is not only profitable but a global genetic leader.

Gillette: Transitioning to the Next Generation

Gillette is one of the most renowned prefixes on the Canadian Holstein scene – a top-10 finish in the Global Breeder award; home to Smurf, the world’s highest producing dairy cow in history; and along with Comestar, Gillette ranks as one of the leading breeders of Class Extra bulls on the Canadian all-time list. However, perhaps the biggest accomplishment will be how well they deal with transitioning ownership to the next generation amidst a rapidly changing Holstein breeding industry.

Focus On... attractive red debutants

They are red, young and high conformation. They are polled, breed for positive components and come with attractive pedigrees. It is not easy to find young sires in the Red Holstein segment that meet these expectations. But there are a few. And since August there are a few more. The evaluation period brought forward several talents with strong appea...

Bull Talk - October 2020

With 3842 PFT (based on 212 milking daughters) he holds a strong 2nd position on Italy’s ranking of progeny proven sires. However, despite that high total index, All.Nure Rally scores just -0.22 for conformation. Will that plague him? We asked sire analyst Francesco Veronese from Rally’s owner Intermizoo. ‘Rally daughters are exactly what we expect...

Intriguing Sires - October 2020

‘Achiever was the first bull from the Icon Sires program at ABS, and thus continued to be extremely popular with many customers world-wide. The fact that he is the Nr.1 progeny proven Net Merit bull in the world certainly plays into that.’ Speaking is Ryan Starkenburg from ABS, who indicates that Achiever was used successfully for their own breedin...

Woodcrest King Doc: Rare Combination of Superior Type and Solid Production

The ability of Morningview Kingboy to transmit a mixture of solid production with elite type has resulted in a powerful legacy. Daughter-proven sons such as Woodcrest King Doc and Plain Knoll King Royal in the US, Stantons Alligator in Canada, Desgranges OH-King in Switzerland and Drakkar Lockstar in France add an infusion of type for the breed. Even in the polled sector, Coomboona Mirand-PP (out of a Kingboy dam) is setting the standard for type. Here is the story of Kingboy’s most popular son, King Doc.

Intriguing Sires - October 2020

Gladius is the new leader in Germany, based on both gRZG (169) and the new economic index gRZ€ (2904). Gladius will transmit lots of milk (2265kg) with positive components (+.12% fat and +.01% protein) in combination with high health (RZhealth 119). He is also A2A2 for beta-casein. Sired by Gazebo (Co-Op Troy Gage x Josuper x Mogul), he was bred by...

Intriguing Sires - October 2020

The exciting news from the UK is the arrival of a homozygous polled bull at almost 700 PLI, and he comes from the Debutante Rae’s. The Hotspot son was bred by Norbert Holtkamp of Wilder Holsteins at Vreden, Germany. His dam is a VG 2-year-old red Mission-P daughter backed by a VG-87 Powerball-P. The pedigree then traces through an EX McCutchen-86 C...

Cow Country - October 2020

In 2018, Sweetview Avalanche Mitsou, at 30 months of age, became the Reserve Grand of the Red Holstein Show at the Canadian Royal. Now in her third lactation, the beautiful Red Holstein from Up-Ridge Holsteins in Ontario recently classified EX-93. ‘Her best traits are her EX-94 udder and EX-95 feet & legs. The classifier noted that she has virtuall...

Cow Country - October 2020

Naturally, there are special reasons to explain why we are presenting the 4-year-old Maren here. The VG-88 Goldday daughter, whose pedigree, via daughters from Mascalese and Goldsun, goes back to a cow family that the Unterbrunner family of Austria imported from Great Britain in the ‘80’s, was the reason we paid a visit to a breeder of interest for...

JIMM Holstein Hellen 589: A Remarkable Dutch Spectacle

‘Hellen 589 is, in time to participate in the NRM next year, pregnant to Dempsey. She is enormously powerfully built, but also has the femininity that Dempsey requires.’ John de Vries, a dairy farmer in the northern Dutch village of Boijl, understands the art of breeding. His 11-year-old JIMM Holstein Hellen 589 EX-94 is far and away the best Shottle in the Netherlands. It is time to enjoy her, just like De Vries does each and every day.

GOL Commander Nachtigall -Germany’s Cow of the Year is the Cow of the Hour

The German breeders had a fine sense of the breeding capital that the Commander daughter GOL Nachtigall had to offer. This summer, a large majority of them voted for the five-year-old Holstein from the barn of Heino Ahrend as Germany’s Cow of the Year 2020. With that, they gave their vote to a cow whose grandson Grando-Red is Germany’s Nr.1 for Red Holsteins and with Garo-Red and Sanseo-P-Red has two further grandsons close to the top. She is a really exceptional cow.

Farewell to a 12-year-old World Champion: Bopi Talent Lotanie-Red EX-95

Everything comes to an end. Also the life of a World Champion with a marvelous career. In the accompanying photograph is Bopi Talent Lotanie-Red, who in October 2018 at 10 years of age was acclaimed as the Red Holstein World Champion, after she had already ended up in third place in the Red Holstein World Championship in June 2016. And after she wa...

Gold Medal Dam and Dam of Merit: Recognizing the Elite Brood Cows of the US

Programs that give recognition to outstanding brood cows have been implemented in various Holstein countries worldwide. In the US two different awards are given to identify superior transmitting cows, Gold Medal Dam (GMD) and Dam of Merit (DOM). Have you ever wondered just what the difference is between the two, or as to exactly what is required to earn the GMD or DOM designations? Here comes the answer.

October 2020: Your Virtual Visit to the World Dairy Expo in Madison

It is a beautiful drive from downtown Madison. There, in the centre, is the “State Capitol”, a remarkable building. But breeding enthusiasts know about a much more remarkable structure in Madison: the Coliseum, or the Alliant Energy Center. From downtown, we reach it via John Nolen Drive, the road that takes us past Lake Monona, and ends up at the Coliseum. There, during the first weekend of October, tens of thousands of enthusiasts assemble from around the world, in anticipation of this invigorating event: the World Dairy Expo, with America’s National Holstein Show. It has been organized here for 53 years in a row, non-stop. But this year – for the very first time in its history – there is a pause. The reason: Covid-19. So, no WDE then, but… there is a story. HI spoke with numerous participants, looked at previous editions, and invited WDE booth attendants to introduce themselves: Now, not in their booth, but in HI. Travel with us virtually and experience the WDE in a different way.

A more than meaningful question: How much inbreeding can the breed tolerate?

No, we don’t want to draw the devil on the wall and we do not want to give inbreeding, which was helped the breed with its impressive development over the last decades, a bad image. Nonetheless, the actual numbers, particularly the ones reaching us from North America, are a cause for concern. Or better said: worthy of discussion. After-all, the average inbreeding degree for all female US Holsteins is currently over 8.5%. So, on average, all female Holsteins are more closely related to one another than cousins. On the male side it is even more dramatic. The situation is not much different in Canada. Is it a problem or not? We think so, but opinions vary.

Egbert Feddersen: The last interview with a pillar of German and international Holstein breeding

No, there is no special topic for this interview. This interview is not only a general review of Holstein breeding, but also a view towards the future. And it is an interview with someone who has influenced and helped shape the breeding branch domestically and internationally for over 25 years. Dr. Egbert Feddersen will enter into retirement at the end of November and take his leave from the Holstein breeding scene. It is the last interview that HI will conduct with the former president of the World Holstein Association and past business director for the German Holstein Association. A look back at 25 years of breeding work, and a look forward to what is to come.

LG completes its lineup with a new European series: the STARPLUS varieties

Through its LG brand, Limagrain Europe is a leader in animal nutrition and is known for its expertise and ability to offer varieties that meet to the needs of producers. To complement its high-fibre digestibility corn varieties (HDi) for diets consisting predominantly of corn silage, LG is launching a new series for diets based on grass forages; the STARPLUS varieties are rich in starch, especially high-quality starch. A novelty for Europe.

Tools Designed to Bring Improved Management of Udder Health

The costs incurred for treatment and from lost production due to mastitis have made it one of the biggest challenges facing the average dairy producer. Selecting cows that are more resistant to udder infections is therefore a priority. The use of somatic cell scores has been a practical management tool that has been used in many countries for the past 40-50 years. In the ‘90s this data became the basis for the first fitness trait to receive genetic evaluations worldwide. More recently data from mastitis incidences have been added so that many countries now have mastitis resistance proofs. However, genetic selection is only part of the answer. Here we bring you a number of management tools that are designed to help improve udder health.