October 2020: Your Virtual Visit to the World Dairy Expo in Madison

It is a beautiful drive from downtown Madison. There, in the centre, is the “State Capitol”, a remarkable building. But breeding enthusiasts know about a much more remarkable structure in Madison: the Coliseum, or the Alliant Energy Center. From downtown, we reach it via John Nolen Drive, the road that takes us past Lake Monona, and ends up at the Coliseum. There, during the first weekend of October, tens of thousands of enthusiasts assemble from around the world, in anticipation of this invigorating event: the World Dairy Expo, with America’s National Holstein Show. It has been organized here for 53 years in a row, non-stop. But this year – for the very first time in its history – there is a pause. The reason: Covid-19. So, no WDE then, but… there is a story. HI spoke with numerous participants, looked at previous editions, and invited WDE booth attendants to introduce themselves: Now, not in their booth, but in HI. Travel with us virtually and experience the WDE in a different way.

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