Juli 2021

Irish Herdbook has Sights Set on a Sustainable Future

Currently dairy farming in Ireland is hot property. In December 2020 over 1.5 million milking dairy cows were recorded in Ireland (an increase of 2.1% on the year before), whilst domestic milk intake by creameries and pasteurisers increased by 13.5% over 12 months to an estimated 823.8 million litres in March 2021... and these numbers are set to increase again. However, this surge in cow numbers is met with challenges to reduce carbon footprint. Here we learn more about how the Irish herdbook, the IHFA, is armouring itself for the future.

Exclusive: The ultimate update about the herds worldwide with the most EX cows (1)

To breed a Holstein that is distinguished as being EX is an accomplishment to be proud of even in times when Holstein breeding is continually striving towards more commercial goals. For dairy farmers that think only about the commercial side, EX classifications may have little meaning, but nonetheless they are an indication as to which cows will age well and achieve a high lifetime production. As such, herds with an above average number of EX cows could also perform at a top level from an economic standpoint. Perhaps this is a thought you will bear in mind as you read the first part of our worldwide analysis of the herds with the most EX cows on the following pages. It is a list of exceptional farms, exceptional breeders and exceptional dairy farmers.

Pro Caseus: Selecting for Milk with Better Cheese-Making Properties

Cheese production is big business in Italy. And when it comes to the production of quality cheese, cow’s milk is not all the same. Now one Italian AI company has come up with a new way to identify and breed for cows that produce milk that has superior qualities for cheese-making.

How Closely are You Looking at Milking Speed?

Milking speed: Is it a trait that could impact the profitability of your herd? Here we look more closely at this management trait to see how it is evaluated and could optimise your herd’s milking performance.

Discover Australia’s Top Star Brood Cows

From the Elmar Jessicas to Fairvale’s Bonnie family, Australia is renowned for its top Holstein families. However a performance indicator in terms of breeding is the Star Brood Cow system. Learn more about this award in Australia here!

Beef-on-Dairy Programs: Natural & LIC

The surge in use of beef bulls on lower genetic merit dairy cows continues to grow, and part of the evolution in this market is the use of male sexed beef semen. This month we introduce Natural from Czech and LIC from New Zealand.

All Garioni in Italy: Purposeful Construction with Strong Cow Families and Progeny Proven Sires

For the public at large, the Garioni prefix became especially known for the Montross son Garioni Vanhalen, who with more than 6000 daughters now reaches 3579 PFT, 1.80 conformation and displays very favourable figures for longevity and calving ease. But the Garioni’s herd has much more to offer. Based on strong cow families and (mostly) progeny proven sires, the Italians are constructing a homogenous herd with powerfully built and strong-uddered Holsteins. Travel along to the northern Italian region of Lombardy, close to All Garioni.

Hilrose in Wisconsin: A Herd of Excellence

It requires outstanding management and an aggressive breeding program to earn the Holstein Associations Herd of Excellence award. And symbolic of that excellence in this impressive Wisconsin herd is the great red cow Hilrose Advent Anna, whose offspring have become a major attraction at consignment sales over recent years.

Loh Lilli Brax EX-95 – the representative of the L-family of the Lohmöllers

With 17 EX cows, Andreas Lohmöller, owner of the splendid 67 cow Loh-An herd in Germany, takes a strong 8th place in our listing of the herds with the most EX cows which is published in this issue. Andreas owns many impressive Holsteins and his farm, which we presented in detail in August 2017, is the home of several show cows who claimed fame in G...

Darlingo – Conformation for niches to fall in love with

It was February when the Doorman son Darlingo was classified EX-92, and with that overtook the status as Germany’s highest classified sire. Four weeks later, his dam DH Gold Chip Darling upheld her EX-96 status three months after her seventh calving, a score which she first achieved in the previous lactation. As such, it is hardly a surprise that Darlingo is primarily defined by conformation. Since the April evaluations we know that the impressive branch from the Dellias passes his strong inheritance to his daughters. Darlingo is and remains Germany’s best and most conspicuous conformation sire and evokes emotion with his very own story.

Powerball and his impact on the polled population

When View-Home Poweball-P made his debut in 2014, he was not only by far the highest polled sire of the breed, but also one of the first polled bulls that could compete with conventional sirs. Never before was a sire in the position to give the polled sector such a big push in terms of production and udder quality. Naturally, Powerball did not have only strengths and had considerable deficits for feet and legs and strength. But in the right mating he was a savior. And that is still true today. His influence via many high-testing sons, grandsons and great-grandsons remains undisputed.

Intriguing Sires DNA - July 2021

Beerbum, after his Nr.1 debut with the December release, solidified his leading position in April. In addition, the Denovo Outlay (<Quantum) son is runner-up for the popular Italian index IES. ‘Since May, his semen is available under the Icon Sire conditions: Now in Italy, and later also internationally.’ This explains Virginio Zilli, sire analyst...

Intriguing Sires - July 2021

‘Levis is very popular in France,’ says Lea Poncet from Evolution, ‘But that is certainly also the case for the rest of Europe and in South America, where he accounts for 75% of sales.’ Levis, with 184 ISU, is the highest progeny proven ISU bull world-wide, and in the meantime his index is supported by 828 daughters on 543 farms. The Mardigras son...

Focus on - July 2021

With Halo-PP, the Nr.5 (2691 gTPI) on the US homozygous polled list, Select Sires not only has one of the highest PP sires in their lineup, but also one of the best conformation PP sires at the moment. Halo scores a +1.78 for conformation and a strong 2.07 for udder. Beyond that he shines with strong fat and protein percentages as well as fitness v...

BullTalk - July 2021

He is the revelation of the Italian list (new in the DNA top-3 with 4652 gPFT) and in fact, he is even more the revelation of the Swiss top list, where with 1717 gISET he is at a lonely height in the top lists! We are referring to Gplus Meier’s GP-Mystery, a bull that you will certainly hear more about in coming months. ’Mystery is an outstanding s...

Cow Country - July 2021

Strong and shallow udders, well-formed rumps: the 75 milking cows at Desnette Holsteins in Quebec display eye-catching type. This herd provided, for example, Desnette Adelicia Impression VG-89, HM All-Canadian Milking-1-Yr 2016. However Carl, Sandra and daughter Marianne Desrochers want more than just type. ‘We are focused less on type than in the...

Cow Country - July 2021

German breeder Andreas Proebsting milks 170 cows with the star of the herd being the red cow Big Dog RUW Syvana-Red VG-88. In 2016, RUW imported embryos from a red Pat heifer Coyne-Farms Silky-Red, who has since gone on to score VG-85 at Big Dog Dairy in New York. These embryos resulted in 3 Salvatore heifers (including Syvana) and 1 by Wescoast St...

Lakeside Ups Red Range: The Most Influential Red & White Bull Dam World-wide

Since the most recent index round, her sons make up the entire top-4 for red & white in Canada, while the Nr.1 (Ranger-Red) also leaves all black & white DNA sires behind him in a spectacular fashion, and is the Nr.1 Red Holstein world-wide for gTPI. The Dutch Red Holstein Lakeside Ups Red Range can without exaggeration be regarded as the red & white bull dam of the moment – no less than sixteen of her sons have left for eight different AIs world-wide. And also the next generation is being used extensively for breeding. HI travelled to Koepon, for the red branch of the Pam/Prudence line.

The Far Reaching Impact of Tony Beauty

Rainyridge Tony Beauty became a breed legend in 1999 when as a 14-year-old she became the oldest Grand Champion ever at the World Dairy Expo. She had also been Grand at Expo in ’95 and also at the Royal in ’93, and Reserve at the Royal in ’95 and ’99, but it was her Expo victory as a 14-year-old that elevated her to the status of an immortal of the breed. Now the Beauty family has spread worldwide, and especially her impact for red & white breeding is creating waves.