July 2020

Giessen Holsteins: Breeding for Width Provides Outstanding Cows and High Production

The Charitys and Cinderellas from Giessen Holsteins are well-known domestically and abroad and have provided various outstanding sires. In the home herd, Theo van Vliet thoroughly enjoys his outstanding cow families each and every day. There is a strong focus on breeding, with a clear goal: combining elite production with elite type.

Gaec Chartier: The French Breeding Phenomenon was Bred Here

In April 2016 he made his DNA debut: Izonogoud son Louxor, with a magnificent gISU score which gave him an unprecedented lead on his competitors. ‘Since that moment, everyone wanted to get their hands on his semen, at any cost,’ explains David Girod from owner Evolution. Today, Louxor dazzles at the top of the progeny proven French list, again with a big lead. Time for a visit to his breeders, the Chartier family in western France, where it becomes evident that Louxor’s arrival was anything but a coincidence.

Mooijman Holsteins in the Netherlands: 10% (!) of Milking Cows Above 100,000 kg/220,000 lb.

With the last milk production recording (June 2020), Ton and Wim Mooijman in the province of Groningen (northern Netherlands) had seven cows pass the milestone of 100,000 kg/220,000 lb. at one time. The total number of living cows with 100,000 kg in the herd thus rose to 15, which accounts for 10% of the total milking herd! And that is not the only achievement that makes Mooijman Holsteins intriguing; with 14,970 kg/33,000 lb. 3.68% 3.36%, they are among the top-3 production farms in the Netherlands. And: the herd is nearly entirely homebred, without the contribution of young DNA sires.

Rising to Legendary Heights: Mogul & Supersire Together Surpass 2.5 Million Doses and 16% Influence

Recently, on June 22, Mountfield Mogul turned ten years old. In five months, on December 28, Seagull-Bay Supersire hopes to turn ten. The barn mates – owned by Select Sires in the American state of Ohio – are both fit and vibrant, both have semen collection 2x/week, and from both, semen is still being sold world-wide. Both are millionaires, so much so, that their combined total has surpassed 2.5 million doses! Add to that their enormous impact as foundation sires; together they are good for an influence of 16% in Holstein USA’s pedigree analysis of top bulls. And… on that front, their careers have just begun. Mogul and Supersire – the new legends of the Holstein breed.

The Expanding Impact of Yoder and Sons

The dominance of Mogul bloodlines has been a significant factor in shaping the Holstein breed over the past decade. Leading his list of sons are such names as Rubicon (2788 TPI), Delta (2760), Denver (2726) and Yoder (2689), though currently it is Mogul grandsons that are prominent on proven sire lists. So far it has been the Mogul son Silver who grabs attention siring such list leaders as Helix in the US and Sound System in Italy, though also prominent in recent months are the many sons of Woodcrest Mogul Yoder.

Intriguing Sires - July 2020

The Renegade son Heart is out of a Frazzled that traces through Montross to Cookiecutter Epic Hazel (dam of Hodedoe, Humblenkind and Harper) and then Global Cow winner Halo. Heart was bred at Welcome Stock Farm (NY) and ranks at Nr.3 on the Canadian genomic list with 3779 gLPI while he is 2906 gTPI in the US. ‘The dam, Welcome-Tel Frzzled Heart VG-...

Intriguing Sires - July 2020

When he got his first breeding values on daughter-proven basis in December, he exceeded his genomic evaluation from August by almost 50 points. In April there was not only data available from his first 258 milking daughters but also from the first 88 classified daughters. This not only increased his TPI but also confirmed the feedback that STG had...

Focus on... July 2020

In addition to the traditional overall breeding values, indexes that are focused on economically relevant traits are gaining traction. Besides production and longevity, health traits are heavily weighted. As a rule, these additional selection indexes are expressed in dollars, euros, or the otherwise appropriate currency. Take a look with us at four...

BullTalk - July 2020

You already read it in HI: AOT Helix, America’s progeny proven nr.1 bull, is the “Talk-of-the-Town” with his outstanding profile. Now we go to a Helix daughter, from the widely appreciated Rudy Missy family: Sandy-Valley Lhexi VG-86-2yr. This Lhexi is the dam of a recently launched sire: Sandy-Valley Moon, good for 2912 gTPI and +1.17 gPTAT. He is...

Cow Country - July 2020

Idole 91 VG-86, a Uno daughter from the 70-head milking herd of Vincent Belec in Lanrivoare (Brittany region) and her descendants score well on the base of the French ISU index. But their real specialty is their high TPIs. All of the work of the French Evolution breeding program with this cow family is focused on this. The result is three Idole gra...

Cow Country - July 2020

The Isle of Man is situated in the Irish Sea midway between the UK and Ireland. It is self-governing and not actually part of the UK, and was never part of the EU. It is home to 85,000 people, the Manx breed of cats, and to 32 dairy farms milking a total of 3,500 cows. The island’s one creamery has grass-fed milk contracts stipulating that cows mus...

The Shottles of Feizor: Classified 97 and 96

The breeding power of Shottle is highly respected around the globe and has moved him into 4th place on the list of most influential sires on the current breed population behind only Elevation, Chief and O-Man. Of the four, only Elevation and Shottle can boast of 97 and 96 point daughters: Here is a dazzling example of the power of Shottle from the British Feizor herd.

Tirsvad Giga Star - Is there an evaluation system in which her genes do not work?

Her values on a US basis are formidable. Even there she has the level to be a bull dam. But as the Danish Tirsvad Giga Star VG-87 is home in Europe, one can find her sons and daughters there as well. Fortunately, the offspring of the Silver daughter have a real knack for the various evaluation systems across the continent. Her grandsire Hilmar-P is one of the most influential polled sires in Scandinavia. Her cousin Geyser-P is dominating the polled list in Italy. Hondo was the Nr.1 in Spain and in Germany there are influential sons and grandsons like Match-P, Holani-P, Hudson, and Herning-P. What a breeding cow!

„Best of the Breed“ The Personal Favourites from All Kinds of Barns Around the World

She could be the highest index cow in her country, have the most stars, the highest classification, production, lifetime production, or best health. No problem: Something like that could be but is not necessarily a requirement here. No, with the great Holsteins that we will be presenting on the following pages, it is for once not (just) about objective measures. Here the story is the personal stars of breeders around the world: Cows that were brought to our attention in most cases by their owners themselves. And that makes this article under the heading of “Best of the Breed” very special. Enjoy!

Luck-E Asia: Red-Impact Cow 2020

The bull that spent much of the last two years as the Nr.1 udder bull in the breed – Luck-E Awesome-Red – was a major contributor to his dam Luck-E Asia becoming the Red-Impact Cow 2020. A number of other Asia offspring have also contributed to her worldwide popularity including her daughter McGucci Afro-Red.

Unique Overview: All 200,000 kg/440,000 lb. Holsteins World-wide

The club has 24 members world-wide– with numbers 25 and 26 now standing on the threshold – and is considered an elite group of absolute lifetime production champions. No less than 24 Holstein cows with 24 different owners from 10 different countries have all surpassed the legendary production milestone of 200,000 kg/440,000 lb. milk! With enthusiasm and great respect, we present these true longevity stars – in many cases posthumously – to you.

Introducing the Herd-Books around the world: Holstein Canada

Holstein breed associations around the globe are a significant force in directing the breed progress worldwide. In this series, Holstein International will introduce many of the leading herd-book associations around the world: This month we begin with Holstein Canada.