Stantons Chief: The New Standard for Uniform Quality at a High Level

‘Those who see a Chief want a Chief of their own. And those who milk a Chief want to milk more Chiefs.’ This quote was recorded in… 1966! When the very first daughters of Pawnee Farm Arlinda Chief, born in 1962, came into production. This Chief developed into a legend and became one of the greatest architects of the Holstein breed. Do you know what is special now? Since 2020, the previous quote is current once again. ‘Those who see a Chief want more Chiefs.’ The same is true for an entirely different Chief: Stantons Chief, born in 2015. Since his calves were born, and since they subsequently came into production, the global demand for this sire has been tremendous. No, we are not talking about an elite TPI sire. We are referring to an extremely complete sire, from which dairy farmers are eager to milk attractive daughters. Get acquainted with the life story of the “new Chief in town”: Stantons Chief.

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