Jim Stanton

July 2024


AI’s Recommend Their Own Favourites These Bulls Should Be Used More Often:

For decades already, sire selection primarily takes place via indexes. The number of bulls that are selected based on word of mouth reports, evaluating daughters, or in other ways, is...

April 2024

Herd reports

Stanton Farms: ‘We Want to Offer Genetic Solutions to our Customers.’

It is less than three years ago (HI 8/2021) that we provided extensive coverage of the unprecedented breeding achievements of Stanton Farms in the Canadian Ilderton. Or actually we should...

August 2023

Sires Report

BullTalk - August 2023

Swissgenetics is marketing a polled sire with unique qualities: Vogue Hero-P. ‘He is extremely popular in Switzerland, because he is very all-round,’ tells Marc-Henri Guillaume from Swissgenetics, who points to...

May 2023

Cow Families

Cow Country - May 2023

Stanton Farms in Ontario has already provided several elite LPI cows. But the achievements of Stantons Bighit Melody-P VG-85 are unprecedented. Her daughter Stantons Margaret is Canada’s Nr.1 for gLPI...

May 2023

Cow Families

Wabash-Way Emilyann: Now Ranked as Canada’s Nr.7 Brood-Cow All-Time

At 47 stars, Emilyann is now Canada’s 7th ranked brood cow of all-time. Of course, Shottle daughters have become super brood cows all over the world but Emilyann had the...

August 2022

Sires Report

BullTalk - August 2022

‘They are cows that put milk in the tank, is a frequently heard comment. Remarks that they have the desirable slightly curved legs, above average teat length and capacity are...

June 2022

Sires Report

Stantons Chief: The New Standard for Uniform Quality at a High Level

‘Those who see a Chief want a Chief of their own. And those who milk a Chief want to milk more Chiefs.’ This quote was recorded in… 1966! When the...