November 2022

Herd reports

Brigeen Farms: Historic breeders herd with a modern and progressive outlook

‘Cow families are extremely important to us, because we are looking for predictability in breeding results.’ Betsy Bullard from Brigeen Farms attaches great value to the carefully constructed cow families...

August 2022

Herd reports

Juniper Farms in Maine: Birth Barn of Jed and Wish is Successful Nowadays in the Show Ring

With a glorious victory at the Northeast All Breeds Holstein Show in the American state of Massachusetts, photo cow Juniper Missy-Red placed herself significantly in the limelight. HI went to...

June 2022

Sires Report

Stantons Chief: The New Standard for Uniform Quality at a High Level

‘Those who see a Chief want a Chief of their own. And those who milk a Chief want to milk more Chiefs.’ This quote was recorded in… 1966! When the...