Spectacular Developments in the German Lösing Herd: More than 50% Production Increase in Five Years!

At the beginning of 2018, Bernd Lösing’s Holsteins in the German Vreden produced 30.4 kg/67.0 lb per day and 10,200 kg/22,490 lb annually: A nice average, above the national average. But Lösing had a strong feeling that more was possible: And so it was. More than five years later, daily production in the herd is at 47.0 kg/103.6 lb and reaches an annual average of 14,300 kg/31,525 lb. This astonishing result came from modifications in management, nutrition, and breeding – partly provided by external advisors. However, it seems that the end goal has not been reached yet. Lösing: ‘With each milk test, I look at the progress for annual production. If that doesn’t go up, then something is amiss…’

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