Pine-Tree from the Steiner Family: Continuous Vision in Combination with Abundant Passion

We will begin with her for a moment anyway. Even though, the Steiner family – the owner of Pine-Tree Dairy – will not quickly put her in the forefront nowadays. In a moment we will explain why. But nevertheless, we like to begin with: where would Holstein breeding be without Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy? Where would Holstein breeding have been if Matt Steiner had not purchased Missy at that sale in 2003, when Missy’s owners felt compelled to sell her? Indeed, for “only” $8100 Missy came to be owned by Pine-Tree, who subsequently developed her into one of the world’s most influential Holstein cows ever. The foundation cow behind legions of elite Holsteins, with Mogul, Supersire, Silver and Balisto in the forefront. What if Missy had never been launched by Pine-Tree? Yes, the Pine-Tree herd has exerted unparalleled influence in global Holstein breeding, so it is high time for an extensive portrait.

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