May 2022


Exclusive in HI: Elite Club of 200,000 kg/440,000 lb. Holsteins Grows to Thirty-one Members Globally

In July 2020, HI presented a unique overview of 24 (Red) Holstein cows with lifetime production of 200,000 kg/440,000 lb. and more – an elite global club of absolute lifetime...

April 2022

Cow Families

Decrausaz O’Kalibra The All-Time World Champion

O’Kalibra! The name alone commands respect and her unbelievable career certainly deserves it. She is a three-time Swiss Expo Supreme Champion, two -time HI World Champion, European winner and… All-Time...

March 2019

Herd reports

Here is #10 of the most influential breeders during the past 25 years: Pine-Tree!

The votes have been counted. That took much longer than we had expected. Never before in HI’s 25 years of existence has a competition drawn so much participation. The steady...

September 2018

Cow Families

Cow Country - September 2018

It is a secret of the trade why the Pledge family, developed at Windy-Knoll-View in the USA and with many successful individuals around the world, is suddenly able to translate...