Go-Farm:Average Daily Production of 38 kg/84 lb and the Source of Nr.1 Sires and Cows

Go-Farm Miura, with 4352 PFT, is the leader of the Italian progeny proven index list, where seven Go-Farm sires are in the top-50. The DNA top-50 even includes nine Go-Farm sires, with Go-Farm Beerbum as the leader (4791 gPFT). And in the overview of highest indexing Holstein cows (with twelve Go-Farm representatives in the top-50!) just two animals reach above 4400 PFT: Go-Farm Biga and Go-Farm Scala. Yes, the Italian index scene in strongly dominated by breeding products from Go-Farm, the commercial dairy in the Lombardy region, where 1,300 cows achieve an average daily production of 38 kg/84 lb.

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