Modern, Large, Independent, and Purely Italian: Intermizoo Proudly Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

It is not that long ago that Italy had various purely Italian AIs, every single one of them with sires that were being used world-wide. Elpzoo with Del Santo Corsaro and Fontana Mark Paradise, Cofa with Del Santo Callisto, Intermizoo with Sabbiona Bookie, CIZ with Carol Prelude Mtoto and Sabbiona Skywalker, Genetica 2000 with Seiore Wendell, Semen Italy with ME.Dal Benefit-RC… just to mention some examples. However, of all these Italian-owned AIs, today there is just one large, national AI company that remains: Intermizoo. It has its very own breeding strategy, which heavily incorporates Italian interests. Also because they are celebrating 50 years, it is high time for an HI report.

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