September 2023


Global Cow 2023 Here are the Finalists!

This is the 19th edition of the Global Cow competition, which has given recognition to the breed’s most influential brood cows down through the years. It’s that time of the...

February 2023

Cow Families

De-Su Delta 4900 Increasingly Influential at DeNovo Genetics and ABS

De-Su Frazz Tahiti (2986 TPI) in the top-5, Denovo 2705 Venture (2941 TPI) Nr. 9 and Denovo 14744 Ginetta (2898 TPI) in 17th place. With three sons in America’s progeny...

February 2023

Sires Report

Focus on... February 2023

There is a certain tradition whereby we bring attention to outstanding RC sires that are among the best available internationally in this segment in the February issue of HI, two...

April 2022

Herd reports

Go-Farm:Average Daily Production of 38 kg/84 lb and the Source of Nr.1 Sires and Cows

Go-Farm Miura, with 4352 PFT, is the leader of the Italian progeny proven index list, where seven Go-Farm sires are in the top-50. The DNA top-50 even includes nine Go-Farm...

October 2021

Sires Report

Go-Farm Miura: In the Limelight Thanks to Milking Daughters

Of all the Italian progeny proven bulls, Miura is the nr.1 for PFT and IES€. His PFT, now based on 520 daughters, increased by 612 points this year. Compared to...

Juli 2021

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires DNA - July 2021

Beerbum, after his Nr.1 debut with the December release, solidified his leading position in April. In addition, the Denovo Outlay (<Quantum) son is runner-up for the popular Italian index IES....

January 2021

Sires Report

Bull Talk - January 2021

He has not yet appeared on HI’s cover as a mature bull… but now it seems like the right moment. Seagull-Bay Silver is no longer alive, but: he is the...

September 2020

Sires Report

BullTalk - September 2020

Note here one of the most popular Red Holstein and polled sires right now: Caudumer Solitair-P-Red. Liane Krauter from owner RUW in Germany can be clear about it: ‘Solitair-P is...

March 2020

Sires Report

Bull Talk - March 2020

Indeed: the muscleman from the famous French comic series finally has a successor in the Holstein world. From the Barbie family! With lots of milk and (of course) outstanding type!...

February 2020

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires - February 2020

For the second release in a row, Freemax is in second place in Germany with 164 gRZG. Employees at owner RBB are thrilled with their index topper. Torsten Dalle, sire...

December 2019

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires - December 2019

‘Alligator has always been very popular; every dose that he produced, is sold. That happened even before his official index, and his popularity has only grown since his successful daughter...

June 2019

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires - Maestro & Spinoff & Tampa

America’s nr.1 Einstein, Homeground, Mixology and Maestro in Canada; these four young Semex bulls debuted in the absolute top during the April release. Brian Carscadden, sire analyst for Semex: ‘Maestro,...