April 2022

Herd reports

Go-Farm:Average Daily Production of 38 kg/84 lb and the Source of Nr.1 Sires and Cows

Go-Farm Miura, with 4352 PFT, is the leader of the Italian progeny proven index list, where seven Go-Farm sires are in the top-50. The DNA top-50 even includes nine Go-Farm...

October 2021

Sires report

Go-Farm Miura: In the Limelight Thanks to Milking Daughters

Of all the Italian progeny proven bulls, Miura is the nr.1 for PFT and IES€. His PFT, now based on 520 daughters, increased by 612 points this year. Compared to...

Juli 2021

Sires report

Intriguing Sires DNA - July 2021

Beerbum, after his Nr.1 debut with the December release, solidified his leading position in April. In addition, the Denovo Outlay (<Quantum) son is runner-up for the popular Italian index IES....

January 2021

Sires report

Bull Talk - January 2021

He has not yet appeared on HI’s cover as a mature bull… but now it seems like the right moment. Seagull-Bay Silver is no longer alive, but: he is the...

September 2020

Sires report

BullTalk - September 2020

Note here one of the most popular Red Holstein and polled sires right now: Caudumer Solitair-P-Red. Liane Krauter from owner RUW in Germany can be clear about it: ‘Solitair-P is...

March 2020

Sires report

Bull Talk - March 2020

Indeed: the muscleman from the famous French comic series finally has a successor in the Holstein world. From the Barbie family! With lots of milk and (of course) outstanding type!...

February 2020

Sires report

Intriguing Sires - February 2020

For the second release in a row, Freemax is in second place in Germany with 164 gRZG. Employees at owner RBB are thrilled with their index topper. Torsten Dalle, sire...

December 2019

Sires report

Intriguing Sires - December 2019

‘Alligator has always been very popular; every dose that he produced, is sold. That happened even before his official index, and his popularity has only grown since his successful daughter...

June 2019

Sires report

Intriguing Sires - Maestro & Spinoff & Tampa

America’s nr.1 Einstein, Homeground, Mixology and Maestro in Canada; these four young Semex bulls debuted in the absolute top during the April release. Brian Carscadden, sire analyst for Semex: ‘Maestro,...

April 2018

Cow Families

Cow Country - April 2018

‘I saw a photo of Crescentmead Shottle Empress VG-86 in a herd dispersal advert. She was my kind of cow: tall, wide, long from end to end, and she milked...