At Sam-Way Dairy, They are Delighted with Ashlyn Daughter Ashlynn

Insiders will never forget her name: Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96, winner in both Madison and Toronto in 2001, and World Champion 2001. Likely her most powerful contribution: more than 70 EX daughters! HI recently met one of them in Edgar in central Wisconsin, in the Sam-Way herd of Wayne and Samantha Giese: Siemers Wood Ashlynn EX-94. She is one of the youngest and one of eleven Ashlyn daughters with EX-94 or higher in the US. (Yes, you read that correctly. Ashlyn has eleven daughters already with EX-94 or higher!). Our encounter with the “young” Ashlynn (born 12/2013) was like a reunion with the “old” Ashlyn (born 9/1996), as the similarities were so phenomenal!

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