Tri-Day Ashlyn

February 2024

Cow Families

Ashlyn: The Most Excellent Daughters in Breed History

In this Excellency issue there is no better cow to feature than the one that has produced the most EX daughters in breed history, the 2001 World Champion Tri-Day Ashlyn....

October 2023

Cow Families

Cow Country I - October 2023

The Vermette family from La Ferme Verjatin Holstein in Quebec milks 35 high-indexing Jerseys. Their 35 Holsteins are also at a high level. This is particularly true of Verjatin Seabiscuit...

July 2023

Herd reports

Riverdane: The Farm Four EX-97 Cows Have Called Home!

South Africa, New Zealand, Sweden, the UK, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands… Mark Nutsford’s transatlantic judging appointments speak for themselves. But what do you know about...

December 2022

Herd reports

At Sam-Way Dairy, They are Delighted with Ashlyn Daughter Ashlynn

Insiders will never forget her name: Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96, winner in both Madison and Toronto in 2001, and World Champion 2001. Likely her most powerful contribution: more than 70 EX...