March 2023

Sires Report

BullTalk - March 2023

He is the brand new Nr.2 of Italy (4838 gPFT) and his first semen is in the tank. That is good news, because demand is already high. ‘A lot of...

January 2023

Cow Families

Cow Country I - January 2023

Randy Frasier, the owner of Elmvue Farms in New York, started participating in North American national shows more than 50 years ago. Highlights were the Supreme Champion titles in 1992...

December 2022


The French Breed INRA-95 was Produced Specifically for Use on Dairy Cows

Good early growth, extra muscularity in the hindquarter, and smaller calves to promote calving-ease; the breeding goals for the INRA-95 have been clear right from the start. This is one...

November 2022


Brown Swiss Level in France Displays Significant Increase!

Of course, France is known for breeds like Holstein and Normande. And, of course, the numerous beef breeds. But did you know that France is also becoming an increasingly bigger...

October 2022


Hoof health deserves a higher weighting

Before reading this article, think about your feet for a moment! How many kilometres have they already travelled today? How many more kilometres will they cover before the end of...

September 2022

Sires Report

BullTalk - September 2022

Cows with a slick hide (shorter and smoother hair) are able to better cope with high temperatures (see also page 7). For this reason, the number of sires with the...

July 2022

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires DNA 1 - July 2022

With a total index of 162 gRZG, Adwin debuted during the recent April release with an asterisk in second place on the German DNA list, as he combines a significant...

March 2022

Herd reports

Roc Happy Put Ferme de la Roche on the International Map

‘I certainly did not want to use O-Man. Outstanding for fitness, to be sure, but too modest for conformation.’ That was the opinion of Philippe Guibert. Until he could purchase...

March 2022

Sires Report

Focus On... March 2022

After we presented several interesting RC newcomers in our February issue, we would now like to take a look at some special talents from the homozygous polled segment. We will...

March 2022

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires DP - March 2022

‘Capital is a good example of how diverse the market for genetics is. The demands of dairy farmers for a good bull are not always oriented around the same profile...

March 2022


Unique HI Overview: These are the 92 Most Sold Holstein Sires at AI Companies Worldwide

Who were the most sold Holstein sires in 2021? The answer follows here, in a unique overview with 92 bestsellers from 38 breeding organizations in thirteen different countries. As well...

February 2022


The Millionaires of the Holstein Breed: The Milestone Appears to be Getting Further Away!

The “comeback bull”, as he was called. When dairy farmers milked daughters of this bull, they wanted more: And returned to the bull. That’s why there continued to be orders...