October 2018

Sires report

BullTalk - October 2018

Two years ago, his debut created quite the stir. Westcoast Styx-Red broke through with strong DNA total indexes in various countries; in his homeland of Canada, he was nr.1. That...

September 2018

Sires report

Focus on - September 2018

‘If polled, then homozygous polled!’ – This is the declaration of many dairy farmer that are playing with the thought of breeding their herd to polled bulls. However, the selection...

August 2018

Sires report

Focus on - August 2018

Bulls with a profile that offers more strength than size are few and far between. While hardly any breeder or sire analyst wants to bring more size into their herd...

July 2018

Sires report

Intriguing Sires - Bluebill & Helix & Multicast

Bluebill has become the leading contender in the race to catch the long-time Italian Nr.1, Sound System... and he’s a rare Gatedancer (Alta1stClass-Supersire) son in the top ranks. Bred by...

June 2018

Sires report

Hurion Isy: French Production Leader with an Abundance of Qualities

Due to a gain of no less than nine points, Hurion Isy (184 ISU) is reigning supreme on the French index ranking since April. Lots of milk and high components...

February 2018

Sires report

BullTalk - February 2018

He is Nr.2 among the highest available black & white Dutch sires for type (see table): Lowlands Debark, owned by CRV. The DNA tested Danno son combines his 114 type...

January 2018

Sires report

Intriguing Sires DNA - Lightstar & Mister Rey & Klutch

‘Lightstar made a fantastic debut in December by jumping straight to Nr.2 for our total index with 163 gRZG,’ explains Torsten Lenk from Masterrind. ‘He is Nr.1 for daughter fertility...

December 2017

Sires report

Marathon: French Pedigree Alternative at the Very Highest Level

In HI’s November issue, you could read about the selection of Marathon as the 2017 Outcross Sire. Notable: his half-brother Moyrath also ended up deservingly in the top-5. Both young...

November 2017

Sires report

Marathon: France’s Nr.6 is the Outcross Sire of the Year 2017

He is still young, only born at the end of June 2016. Furthermore, he is the Nr.6 of all French sires on the overall gISU index and the Nr.2 among...

November 2017

Sires report

Hammig Isy - This French Nr.1 has been Popular for Years

Since his debut in the French DNA top-3 – in April 2014 – Hammig Isy has been among the most used bulls at the French breeding company Evolution. Hammig has...

October 2017

Sires report

Intriguing Sires - October 2017

Bubba proves that we can’t always predict where the next breed-leading sire will be. Although the Jedi-son has 74 maternal siblings, with his score of 2875 gTPI, he is highest...

August 2017

Sires report

BullTalk - August 2017

Last month we wrote about the “comeback” of progeny proven sires; in more and more countries, they are able to get closer to the DNA top. This is also the...