Roc Happy Put Ferme de la Roche on the International Map

‘I certainly did not want to use O-Man. Outstanding for fitness, to be sure, but too modest for conformation.’ That was the opinion of Philippe Guibert. Until he could purchase a package of embryos from Evolution. Including one O-Man embryo out of Lynncrest BWM Horizon. ‘Horizon was still a heifer at the time, but her sire BW Marshall already had the status of a super sire, certainly also for conformation, so it looked to be an acceptable combination to us,’ explains Guibert. That embryo grew into a heifer calf: Roc Happy, the only O-Man heifer calf ever born at Ferme de la Roche, owned by brothers Philippe and Dominique Guibert. But, she immediately became one of their most dominant cows ever; today, 80% of Guibert’s herd of 130 cows descends from this Happy.

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