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Holstein International is the unique, international magazine for the Holstein industry worldwide. Monthly issued interesting herd reports, informative articles, cow family stories and lots of objective news on sires from our very knowledgeable and independent editors.

A monthly subscription includes:
• 1 x Holstein International Magazine
You will receive an extra edition in the following months
Dairy Breeds International (June, November)
Brown Swiss International (July)
• Beef On Dairy International (August)
Jersey International (April, October)

A 1-year subscription includes:
• 12 x Holstein International
• 2 x Dairy Breeds International 
• 1 x Brown Swiss International 
• 1 x Beef On Dairy International 
• 2 x Jersey International

6-month subscription includes:
• 6 x Holstein International

Editions and articles can also be read in the digital library.

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