Dairy Breeds International

Dairy Breeds International (DBI) 

Dairy Breeds International (DBI) is the yearly publication from Holstein International covering dairy breeds around the world other than Holstein. Our reader surveys show that the detailed information we provide on other global dairy breeds is highly appreciated, and that the trend in the use of other breeds in the dairy industry is growing. The DBI includes herd reports, cow family stories and sire reports just like Holstein International. The list of breeds mentioned in the magazine changes every year. Breeds included in the issue from 2020 were: Brown Swiss, Dutch Belted, Fleckvieh, Guernsey, Illawarra, Jersey, and Normande.

The magazine is included in the June issue of Holstein International which means that it is available in 5 languages in more than sixty countries worldwide.

  • Language: English, Dutch, French, German & Italian
  • Times per year: 2x
  • Availability: Print & digital
  • Countries: 50+ countries worldwide
  • Readership: Over 28,000 people enjoy Dairy Breeds International