Brown Swiss International

Brown Swiss International is a yearly magazine produced by Rinderzucht Braunvieh and Holstein International.

These two companies have built a growing reputation on supplying extensive editorial content, focusing on the latest news and trends in breeding technology, shows and sales; introductions to the leading cow families and herds of the breed; in depth reviews of the leading sires and interesting features on the events and people that have shaped this breed. Because of the completely original, knowledgeable and unbiased content, crafted by its own dedicated team of editors and photographers, Brown Swiss International is a unique magazine. Moreover: Brown Swiss International is the only dairy magazine that is fully replicated and published in 5 languages.

  • Language: English, Dutch, French, German & Italian
  • Times per year: 1x
  • Availability: Print & digital
  • Countries: 50+ countries worldwide
  • Readership: Over 38,250 people enjoy Brown Swiss International
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2021-07 July 2021
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