Longevity and Top Productions at Koepke: ‘Good people, good feed, good bedding & good genetics.’

Do you still remember her: Koepke 1660, a.k.a. “Granny”? Twenty years ago, in 2003, she gained legendary status when she broke the American milk record for lifetime production. A record that had been held for twenty years already by the famous Breezewood Patsy Bar Pontiac EX-93 which appeared unreachable. But: “Granny” from the Koepke herd in Wisconsin was able to pulverize the record; eventually she would even improve Pontiac’s record by 14,845 kg/32,659 lb, because “Granny” ended her career with a lifetime production of 208,025 kg/458,609 lb milk and became of the world’s first cows to reach the powerful milestone of 200,000 kg/440,000 lb milk. Was it a coincidence that Koepke 1660 realized these achievements? Thrice no, because Koepke Farms turns out to be a true source of high lifetime producers, for decades already.

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