Jared Martin, Triple-Hil Sires: ‘Longevity is the long-range vision we are promoting’


It started as a boyhood dream. Cousins Lowell and Jared Martin went to school and church together, and regularly shared ideas about their passion of cows and breeding. They often threw the idea around of making a bull stud, but it wasn’t until 2010 when genomics started to gain momentum that they started to think about it more closely. Jared explains: ‘When genomics began to impact the industry, we felt the market was moving away from what we thought was important – long-living cows made from balanced matings.’ Deciding to act, their dream slowly became a reality when Lowell’s brother bred Wyn-Lys Norman Jesh EX-94, a Stormin Norman-son from a VG-86-2yr Durham with the unique aAa code 642. Jesh was their ticket into the AI business and two enthusiastic teenagers began putting their ambitions into action. ‘Things went surprising well for us at the start and we began travelling around selling semen to breeders in our area,’ describes Jared. And so Triple-Hil Sires begun…

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