Cherry-Lily Luster-P: He Provided Polled with the Decisive Jump to the Top TPI with Lots of Conformation

Let’s be honest: five years ago, who would have expected that in 2023 the world would have a progeny proven polled sire who combines 2902 TPI with a faultless conformation profile of +2.67 PTAT, plenty of milk (+1584 lb) and a nice fitness pattern? Yes, Luster-P is the one that makes this all possible, and is polled. No wonder that he became Select Sires’ first polled sire to pass the milestone of 500,000 doses, and is still one of the world’s most popular sires. Luster-P is on route to the status of a legend.

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Luster-P - The best and most reliable polled sire in the world
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