BullTalk - October 2023

Earlier this year, tremendous applause followed the selection of Comestar Lamadona Doorman EX-94 as Canada’s Cow of the Year. As you know: genetic progress is being made very quickly and thus it is not surprising that her great-grandson is already available at Semex: Comestar Latayo, with Parfect as sire. ‘Latayo is extremely popular around the world. We are seeing interest from North America, all of Europe, as well as Australia and New Zealand,’ tells Mike West from owner Semex. Latayo combines 2811 gTPI with +2.40 gPTAT (3508 LPI/+10 Conformation) and +1038 lb/+1104 kg milk with positive components. ‘Latayo will transmit well-uddered cows with soft udder texture, strong median suspensories, and a bit of extra teat length. He will also transmit strength and chest width,’ explains West. Latayo is one of five Parfect sons at Semex, as well as one of four Comestar sires at Semex. ‘More bulls from the Laurie Sheik family are on the way, which makes us very enthusiastic. We gladly prolong the popularity of this cow family and are pleased to continue working with our friends at Comestar,’ states West.

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