Jetstream Genetics

Juli 2021


Powerball and his impact on the polled population

When View-Home Poweball-P made his debut in 2014, he was not only by far the highest polled sire of the breed, but also one of the first polled bulls that...

Juni 2021


Focus On... June 2021

Of course, it is the largest breeding programs that dominate the top-lists worldwide with their genomic young sires. But that does not mean that only the big players have top...

March 2021


BullTalk - March 2021

This coming summer, it will be five years ago that DNA sire Melarry Frazzled made his debut: in 13th place with 2751 gTPI. Today, the Josuper son scores 2705 TPI,...

January 2021


Focus on... January 2021

The selection of high-quality sires who have the A2A2 or BB casein variants has been intensifying for y ears. And indeed, the offer of A2A2 and BB sires has never...

August 2020


Focus on... August 2020

Teat placement, teat length, udder form, udder health, milkability, character, movement – there are man traits that determine whether a sire is suited for automated milking systems. Indeed, many countries...

April 2020


Focus On... - April 2020

A typical antagonism that the breed has been fighting with for generations is that of maternal and paternal calving ease. Calves that are born easily often experience difficulties when calving...

March 2020


Salvatore: Healthy Production Power for Black and Red

Salvatore began his career as the high-testing RC Supershot son. Currently, he is making good on his DNA figures, and even shows gains for fat & type. While Jetstream Genetics...

February 2020


BullTalk - February 2020

An interesting list from Holstein USA: the sires with 97% or higher reliability. Notable: half of this ranking is bulls from Select Sires. Even more remarkable: 9 of the 10...

December 2019


BullTalk - December 2019

‘At Global AG Alliance, we believe that we have won the “jackpot” with this sire.’ Speaking is Wout van der Goot about the nr.1 bull on Global’s NM line-up: Pine-Tree...

December 2019


Focus on... Dairy Strength

Okay, even Axl, the young King Royal son from the Jetstream program, could have a slightly better rump angle (-0.47). But along with short teats and a slightly straight leg...

July 2019


Bull Talk - July 2019

Salvatore dominates for the red & white sire of sons, but in his wake we find Endco Apprentice RC, a Kingboy son of Blondin-TJR Supersire Aroma VG-85. Apprentice is not...

April 2019


Focus on... Popular

The dam No-Pe Yoder Elena is a granddaughter to Morningview Super Ellie EX-90, whose dam of course is Shottle Madilyn EX-94. With that the pedigree meets some high international standards....