Xenetica Fontao

September 2021


Focus on... September 2021

In this edition of HI we have nine pages on which we present the most important news from the various segments of daughter proven and genomic sires as well as...

Juni 2021


Focus On... June 2021

Of course, it is the largest breeding programs that dominate the top-lists worldwide with their genomic young sires. But that does not mean that only the big players have top...

November 2020


Bull Talk - November 2020

In April 2019, he emerged at the top of Canada’s progeny proven ranking and has not left the Canadian top since: Benner Bardo, bred by the Benner family in Manitoba....

September 2020


BullTalk - September 2020

Note here one of the most popular Red Holstein and polled sires right now: Caudumer Solitair-P-Red. Liane Krauter from owner RUW in Germany can be clear about it: ‘Solitair-P is...

July 2020


Focus on... July 2020

In addition to the traditional overall breeding values, indexes that are focused on economically relevant traits are gaining traction. Besides production and longevity, health traits are heavily weighted. As a...

November 2019


Focus on... Secret Polled Tips

For more than a year IPS of the USA has been offering their Tobin son Chile-PP on the international market and the demand for the homozygous polled sire, who goes...

September 2019


BullTalk - September 2019

At Cogent in Great Britain, they had to bid farewell to a popular favourite in their sire facility: Cogent Twist. And… Twist was not only a favourite among his caretakers,...

June 2018


Intriguing Sires - Drastic-P & Princi-P-Red & Hotspot-P

‘Of course, it is too early to say it with certainty, but he will likely become one of the most popular polled sires world-wide,’ says Rick VerBeek from Select Sires...

October 2017


Intriguing Sires - October 2017

Bubba proves that we can’t always predict where the next breed-leading sire will be. Although the Jedi-son has 74 maternal siblings, with his score of 2875 gTPI, he is highest...