September 2023

Cow Families

Cow Country I - September 2023

‘During the first milk test she gave 197 lb/89.4 kg, during the second 195/88.5, and recently even 201 lb/91.2 kg!’ Betsy Bullard from Brigeen Farms (HI 11/22) in Maine speaks...

July 2023

Herd reports

Riverdane: The Farm Four EX-97 Cows Have Called Home!

South Africa, New Zealand, Sweden, the UK, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands… Mark Nutsford’s transatlantic judging appointments speak for themselves. But what do you know about...

July 2023

Herd reports

Selz-Pralle Dairy: The Achievements of World Champion Aftershock 3918 Are Becoming More and More Impressive

Last February, the milky Joliam Salvator Ava 5251-RC EX-93 earned a prominent place in HI’s article about foundation sire Salvatore. Ava 5251 belongs to Selz-Pralle Dairy in Wisconsin; one of...

May 2023

Herd reports

Ruegruet Holsteins: Still one of the most interesting addresses in Switzerland

When we visited Ruegruet Holsteins almost 20 years ago, we found one of the most exciting addresses that Switzerland had to offer. Hardly any other farm had invested with similar...

January 2023

Cow Families

Calbrett Kingboy Miranda-P-RC Makes True on Breeding Visions

Global Cow 2021, Polled Impact Cow 2022 and runner-up Red Impact Cow 2022 This impressive summation displays the tremendous value of the multi-talented Canadian Calbrett Kingboy Miranda-P-RC EX-93 for international...

November 2022

Sires Report

BullTalk - November 2022

One of the young and enthusiastic dairy farmers and breeders from Canada, without a doubt, is Tony van Lith. His “Valiant” prefix is quickly gaining recognition, also in part due...

January 2022

Herd reports

Darcroft A 3-time Master Breeder Herd with a 12.870kg/28,373lb (x2) Average!

Big milk, high fertility, impressive classifications, balanced breeding, multiple Master Breeder shields and one big goal… to be the best managed herd in the province. Gain invaluable insight from the...

November 2020

Sires Report

Farnear Delta-Lambda: Complete TPI Topper with Show Qualities

Mr Mogul Delta, after Rubicon the highest Mogul son, has been among the highest progeny proven TPI sires for several index rounds. Expectations for his sons were high. Delta-Lambda is...

October 2020

Sires Report

Bull Talk - October 2020

With 3842 PFT (based on 212 milking daughters) he holds a strong 2nd position on Italy’s ranking of progeny proven sires. However, despite that high total index, All.Nure Rally scores...