September 2021

Sires Report

Mr Mogul Delta: Why this Elite Sire Deserves the Title ”Virtual Millionaire”

Did you know that during the past seven months, Farnear Delta-Lambda was the sire mentioned most often in all breeder reports in HI? And did you know that Lambda’s sire,...

Juni 2021

United States of America

Here is the Grand Finale of HI's Cow Family Tournament

In HI’s March 2021 issue, you found preliminary round one: 50 impressive cow families from various continents. This presentation was followed in the April edition by preliminary round two, again...

May 2021

United States of America

BullTalk - May 2021

DG Charley is certainly unique. Without a doubt, he can call himself the sire of likely the world’s most talked about bull right now: Hurtgenlea Charl, America’s brand new TPI...

May 2021

United States of America

Cow Country - May 2021

‘Producing milk,’ responds Eric Elbers from CRV to the question about the most important qualities of Delta Thilda, the Amigo daughter who is being used extensively within CRV’s breeding program....

April 2021


BullTalk - April 2021

The family that earlier provided the respected sires of sons Mr Salvatore-RC and Swingman-Red, has provided yet another talent: Gen-NH Spirit-Red: Good for 2778 gTPI/+2.03 gPTAT as well as 3411...

March 2021


Intriguing Sires - March 2021

‘Multimate can attribute his popularity to the fact that he transmits cows that are robust and produce a lot of milk from well-attached, shallow udders,’ says Jaap Brinkman from CRV....

March 2021


The Time has Arrived: Here is the First Preliminary Round of HI’s Cow Family Tournament!

Indeed! The starting shot of HI’s unique tournament of the world’s most influential cow families has been given. Here is the first preliminary round; on the next six pages, you...

August 2020

United States of America

BullTalk - August 2020

Of course, everyone knows Jedi… S-S-I Montross Jedi, who in the meantime has about 15,000 daughters world-wide. But here it is about a different, lesser known, Jedi: RZG Jedi, owned...

July 2020

United States of America

BullTalk - July 2020

You already read it in HI: AOT Helix, America’s progeny proven nr.1 bull, is the “Talk-of-the-Town” with his outstanding profile. Now we go to a Helix daughter, from the widely...

July 2020

United States of America

Cow Country - July 2020

The Isle of Man is situated in the Irish Sea midway between the UK and Ireland. It is self-governing and not actually part of the UK, and was never part...

May 2020

United States of America

BullTalk - May 2020

They reign in Italy. Sire Mirabell Sound System is Nr.1 on the progeny proven list, while his grandson Zani Inseme Stradivari is Nr.1 on the DNA-tested list. As such, Sound...

March 2020


Intriguing Sires - March 2020

‘He is clearly our best homozygous polled sire and he is helping us to increase the popularity of our polled program,’ says sire analyst Fancesco Veronese about Italy’s highest PP...

September 2023


Dovea Genetics, Ireland: ‘Many of our bull dams are medium stature, EX cows with >4% protein’

Success in the Irish EBI index rankings, market leader for beef on dairy across Europe and soon to have its own ST sexing lab – there is a lot going...