Wilcor Holsteins The Rise of one of the Top Addresses for Conformation in Germany

It is animals like Wiesenfeld Austrias Magic Talent EX-92, Curtat Shottle Benzouka EX-93, Le Moal Lheros Elaniss EX-94 and, of course, GS Alliance Sid O’Kamila EX-90 that have shaped the Wilcor barn of Cord Hormann into one of the best addresses for conformation in Germany. Cord has an eye for good genetics, and he also has the talent to breed with such cows and to market them. This talent and a network that was developed over years are the basis for a new business concept that, at least in Germany, hasn’t been seen before in this form. Come along to one of the most innovative German breeding barns and learn more about the exciting project of Wilcor Holsteins.

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