The Ambition at OCD: ‘Breeding an Elite Conformation Sire That is Also Very Suitable for Commercial Herds.’

The prefix is one of the best known in modern Holstein breeding: OCD. It is the source of one of the most influential Holstein cows in recent times (Miss OCD Robst Delicious), of one of the most popular current sires of sons (OCD Sheepster; 3176 gTPI), and the highest female animal of the breed: OCD Legit (3417 gTPI). In addition, OCD provided the most recent Holstein millionaire: Mr OCD Epic Dragonheart. At the same time, OCD is working hard with top show cows. Did you know that the Madison champion Oakfield Solom Footloose EX-96 was bred here? Yes, Oakfield Corners Dairy (OCD) in the American state of New York is a household name in the Holstein world. In addition, it is a dairy farm that has already been managed for twelve generations by the Lamb family. They are also personally active in the breeding world: Jonathan Lamb is the president of America’s Holstein herdbook Holstein USA. Every reason then for an interview with the couple Jonathan and Alicia Lamb, who are among the prominent forces behind OCD.

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