Out of the Shadow: Roylane, the Unique Holstein Source in Distant Washington

Roylane Robust: Roylane Jordan: Roylane Mindy: Three giants in Holstein breeding. And in their wake are strong transmitters like Roylane Bob and Roylane Punch, all originating from the Roylane herd. However, you hardly read about this successful herd. The reason for that is two-fold. First of all, the farm is situated in a remote part of the American state of Washington, which is already remote. And secondly, the Roylane breeders are modest and prefer to remain in the shadows. But: thanks to the assistance of Dan Reynolds (from Monument Holsteins), the farm manager at Roylane for years, HI received the opportunity to get an impression of Roylane. Here is the Roylane story!

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