Ocean-View Sexation: Hero of the 1980s, Still Influential Today

Never before has a portrait of him appeared in HI. However: ‘He truly transmitted the profile that corresponds to the expectations that every dairy farmer has for what a solid cow should look like,’ they wrote in 1989, six years after his death at nine years of age. No wonder he was extremely popular for several years. However, due to Blue Tongue, the female influence was limited to his birth country of the US, where more than 27,000 daughters came into production. One of them was Ked Sexation Jasmine, the dam of Ked Mark Justine. This Justine became the dam of millionaire Ked Juror, and the grandam of Ked Outside Jeeves (51,467 daughters). Via Jeeves, she is present in the pedigree of the powerful Frazzled. In addition, Sexation shines behind the Prudence family, who provided the current Ranger-Red. See here how the influence of the pitch black Sexation extends to this day. Here is his career.

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