KI Samen

September 2021


BullTalk - September 2021

You already know Wilt Emilio, the Capital Gain son who as a young sire garnered attention in elite breeding realms and who last year fully made true on his promises....

August 2021


BullTalk - August 2021

‘No matter how good a producer, we cannot supply the present demand in as timely a fashion as we would like.’ Speaking is Louis Prange from STgenetics about one of...

December 2020


Unique HI Overview: Here are the Bestselling Holstein Sires at AI Companies World-wide

Who were the most sold Holstein bulls during the past six months? HI posed this question to breeding companies world-wide. The answers resulted in the unique accompanying overview: 77 bestsellers...

May 2020


Does this Sire Line Offer Useful Options in the Crucial Pursuit of Outcross?

On the cover of this HI issue, you see a bull with rather uncommon type: VVH Repairman. ‘A “powerhouse” with lots of width and outstanding feet & legs. He does...

April 2020


Bull Talk - April 2020

At the German breeding company RBB, the use of DNA sires is high: 75%. Even so, among the progeny proven bulls, one stands out – the Larcrest Commander son Calvo....

March 2020


Intriguing Sires - March 2020

With 33 daughters in Germany (25 classified) and Switzerland, Power stands at the beginning of his progeny proven career. A career that during the German show “Zukunft Rind 2020” received...

March 2019


Focus on.. beloved and reliable (1)

They are not the highest bulls, not necessarily successful sires of sons, and not the top genomic sires, but they are proven, have hundreds of daughters in milk and are...

April 2018


BullTalk - april 2018

In the long list of Monterey sons, Vogue Leap Year stands out for type: +3.35 on the American base, +11 on the Canadian base. Not surprisingly, as his dam is...