Menthe/Amarante/Audrey: This elite French family looks like it will never stop providing new promises

Where shall we begin our report about the extensive Amarante family from France? During an extensive interview with Pierre-Yves Cabon, one of the partners of Gaec Cabon, so many interesting Holsteins emerge – male and female – that the already significant appreciation for this French family increases still further by leaps and bounds. At the same time, it becomes evident that the Amarante dynasty – despite its genetic strength – still experiences notable competition in the home herd: from none other than her niece: Audrey. And it does not stop there: Audrey’s full sister, Agathe, provided the fantastic brood cow Carf Emeraude, who recently became the Dutch Cow of the Year, and the dam of a National British Champion: Riverdane Doorman Elke EX-93. For that reason: we begin this report with Menthe, the great-grandam of Amarante. The foundation dam of a European family which is successful on various fronts.

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