How the Winning Brothers Sovereign and Marksman Still Reign


In the list of influential sires in the American population, we see a notable trend. Never before has a bull approached the legends Elevation and Chief as closely as today. His name is O-Bee Manfred Justice (O-Man) and his score of 13.23% (in Holstein USA’s Red Book) is closer to this legendary duo than ever before. O-Man is now just 1.7% behind Chief. But, you need to know, that this is moving extremely slowly, because: in O-Man’s pedigree, Chief appears 8x! And thus as O-Man advances, Chief always gains a bit as well. Now take a look at the picture below for a moment: two brothers, together at the show in Oakville, Ontario (Canada), where in 1944 they formed a “sensational” winning duo. The foremost (right) and also the younger brother of this duo is Montvic Rag Apple Sovereign: he appears 5x in Chief’s pedigree and no less than 44x (!) in O-Man’s pedigree. Our attention turns to Sovereign then.

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