Here is #9 of the most influential breeders of the past 25 years: Mil-R-Mor

The results are complete: the top-25 most influential breeders of the past 25 years. But, as promised, the results will appear one month at a time. Appearing in HI’s previous issue was number 10 (Pine-Tree); now it is time for Number 9. And so we will proceed until December, when the number 1 will be presented. Then you will have the complete top-10. At the same, a HI book will appear in December with reports about all of the 25 most influential breeders! But… now time for number 9: Mil-R-Mor owned by Bob Miller in the US. As mentioned earlier: this article is written based on information already known by HI so that the surprise for Miller will also last until the publication of this issue! Next month, the Mil-R-Mor interview; this month an interview with number 10 Pine-Tree elsewhere in this issue.

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