Here is #6 of the most influential breeders of the past 25 years: Sandy-Valley!

Spectacular! We have not yet started with the top-5 of our competition and now already we come across real heavyweights… en route to the absolute Nr.1, which will be revealed in December. But now already, it is time for a giant, because what to say about Sandy-Valley from the Bauer family in Wisconsin? It’s the birth barn of millionaire Bolton and the superior foundation cow Sapphire, as well as the breeder of a long list of sires like Forbidden, Saloon, Sterling, Colt-P, Afterburner, Scenario, Difference, Gram and current top DNA bulls like Eisaku, Batman, Emerald, Fullmarks, Lenny, Challenger, Panama… Yes, for decades Sandy-Valley has been an inexhaustible source of top genetics.

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