Elite Sires of Sons Captain & AltaZazzle:Both Bring Good-old ME Tony Back into View!

Last month we mentioned them in HI’s editorial: the junior Genosource Captain and Peak AltaZazzle are far and away the most influential sires of sons in America’s gTPI top-100. Together they provide nearly half of the entire top-100! Of course, it is fascinating to evaluate the background of this duo in detail. First of all: while Captain descends from the well-known Mirror/Mirage line, Zazzle traces back to the equally well-known Rud Zip family. In these two entirely different maternal lines, we find just two sires in common – one of them is the successful millionaire Shottle. He appeared frequently and extensively in HI. The other shared sire is found deeper in their pedigrees: Marshfield Elevation Tony, commonly referred to as ME Tony. Even though he is one of Elevation’s most used sons, he rarely appeared in HI – high time for a portrait time. And just for clarification: Captain traces nine generations back to an ME Tony daughter, while for Zazzle it is eleven generations.

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