Big Holsteins: Already 103 cows with over 100,000 kg/220,000 lb by Breeding for Persistency and Late Maturity

With 103 cows >100,000 kg/220,000 lb milk and 29 cows >10,000 kg/22,000 lb fat+protein, the farm of the Knoef family (Big Holsteins) in eastern Netherlands is a true model of lifetime production. In addition, Big Holsteins is the only farm in the world to provide two cows that have passed the milestone of 200,000 kg/440,000 lb, is the home base of various show winners, and is the breeding enterprise behind popular sires like Big Winner, Big Malki, and several others… All ingredients that resulted in the prestigious title “Most Influential Breeder of the Past 20 Years”.

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