January 2021

Sires report

Bull Talk - January 2021

He has not yet appeared on HI’s cover as a mature bull… but now it seems like the right moment. Seagull-Bay Silver is no longer alive, but: he is the...

October 2020

Sires report

Intriguing Sires - October 2020

The exciting news from the UK is the arrival of a homozygous polled bull at almost 700 PLI, and he comes from the Debutante Rae’s. The Hotspot son was bred...

June 2020

Cow Families

Cow Country - June 2020

Around 60-70% of the 100-cow Marshland herd (Wisconsin, US) goes back to the 1960s cow, Marshland Reflection Beatrice EX-91. Understandably for a long-standing family there are many branches at Marshland,...

June 2020

Sires report

Hotspot-P: Thousands of Vital Calves and Numerous High Sons

In April, a large number of Hotspot sons stormed the international DNA lists. Geyser-P, Vogue 2020-PP, Harley-P, Halifax-P, Hesekiel-PP, Perfect, Otorina, Nippon-P, Hilmar-P; all members of the impressive Hotspot platoon....

September 2019

Sires report

Focus on... September 2019

On first glance, it is the all-around positive values for all management and health traits that grab attention. Additionally, there is the good heritability for production and proper conformation with...

March 2019

Herd reports

Wilder Holsteins -Riding Momentum to the Top of Germany’s Breeding Scene

To keep his fairly large Tirsvad program successful, the Danish breeder Søren Ernst Madsen prefers to work with cow families that can generate high sires in various index systems. The...